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At PAWLIK, implementation is our specialty. We help companies get where they’re going with one goal in mind: achieving results!

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Knowing which measures will help your organization succeed in the digital future is at the heart of everything we do.
Whether we’re reviewing your digital objectives, providing support in transitioning to a digital platform, helping develop new or transform existing digital products, we focus on finding the solution that fits you best. And if we’re called in to conduct data-driven process analyses or advise on suitable process automation approaches, we do what works for you.

Our management

Our management has direct and personal experience with the challenges of digital transformation processes. As entrepreneurs and as professionals with many yeras of corporate leadership, our management knows what it takes to develop visions that work, make sound decisions and guide transformations to success. We live and love digital. We don’t stop with good strategies. We implement them and let the results do the talking.

Stephan Paxmann

Stefan Roßbach

Layla Dolfen

Thomas Deibert


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For us, "making it happen" means we get you where you want to go with digitalization. PAWLIK’s expertise helps bring your business model and portfolio of services to the digital world and ensures high-performance digital processes.

Interested in learning more? Then we’d love to hear from you and engage in an exchange of ideas.