Is your digital transformation strategy underdelivering or has it stalled? We help you get at the root of the problem while providing support in developing and implementing digital business models.

Why you need
a digital business model

Digital transformation will have a sustained impact on society. As a result, traditional business models and the tried-and-tested approaches of the past will no longer provide the solutions businesses need. In our experience, however, companies rarely need a digital revolution in order to respond to these new challenges. But they do need to evolve in ways that involve their customers and continuously create added value.

Digital business models – getting it right

Most digital offerings fail to break even after three years because they don’t have a clearly defined goal, market needs have not been accurately assessed, and they lack an appropriate, ongoing profitability analysis. We analyze the market, draft clear goals and closely monitor your progress -- making your investments in the future worthwhile.

Inspire customers

In the digital world, customers have more power than ever. When dissatisfied, they switch providers and communicate their disappointment through social media, which quickly creates a domino effect. It’s therefore crucial to convince your customers of your value and turn them into ambassadors of your products and services. And we can help you with that.

Motivate employees

Employees, not strategies, are what change companies. If employees question your digital strategy, they won’t convincingly represent new solutions being introduced.  We help you make sure that your team stands behind your projects and recommends new solutions to your customers.


Digital transformation is a highly complex process that often affects all relevant areas of an organization. We have many years of experience helping our clients succeed with digital transformation while developing and implementing digital business models.

Digital strategy

Rapidly changing client expectations and market conditions require a regular review of digital strategies and business models. Is your digital goal clearly defined, and are your measures getting you the results you want?

Digital operating model (DOM)

Modern digital operating models put customers first. They focus on scalability, flexibility and adaptability. We’re there to help you develop and steadily improve your Digital Operating Model (DOM) so that you can realize your targeted business model.

Digital platforms

Digital platforms are THE business model of the future. As specialists in this area, we offer you comprehensive support with everything from analyzing markets and trends to defining business models and selecting partners to implementing your platform strategy.


Experience, know-how and efficiency

Andrei Poleacov

Andrei Poleacov has held several positions in the financial sector for more than 20 years. He has specialized in digitalization and its impact on strategies, business models, customers and employees since 2013.



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As experienced practitioners of management and implementation consulting, our professionally trained consultants draw on their extensive applied knowledge of digital transformation in helping clients with new business models, products and processes.


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