Process-driven corporate management is key to greater competitiveness. We improve organization values with digital processes.

Why you need
digital processes

In today’s world, value creation processes rely on continual improvement and transformation. We help you keep these initiatives innovative and cost-efficient.

Increase transparency

Processes leave a digital footprint that most companies overlook, thus missing an opportunity to learn from them. It can be hard to see what’s actually happening with individual process cycles. By making these things visible, we help you identify problems and vulnerabilities.

Reduce errors

We start with those things that deviate from the modeled to-be process in order to optimize processes with precision and eliminate errors.  This has a direct impact on customers and employees alike.

Reduce costs

Fewer loops in the process, less errors, shorter throughput times and the early detection of problems in processes lead to a noticeable reduction in costs, which is directly reflected in the bottom line.


Digitalization makes it possible to kick business processes into high gear through data-driven process optimization and automation. We make the actual complexity of processes transparent and identify the potentials for optimization that can lead to immediate improvements once implemented.

Process mining

Process mining is a data-driven approach to process analysis. It involves evaluating digital footprints and storing information about individual steps within business processes in IT systems. We use process mining to provide you quick insights into your actual process flows, thereby enabling you to draft use cases that optimize these processes.

Process automation

Automation is central to a organization’s competitiveness. It increases efficiency and quality while reducing costs.
We partner with you to select the automation approach that’s right for your organization, whether this involves business process management, workflow management or robotic process automation (RPA). Throughout the process of implemention, we’re there providing support until your potentials have been realized.

Agile process organization

Organizations with rigid structures can benefit from agile approaches. To ensure smooth transitions, we work with you to define organization-specific hybrid processes that combine stability with flexibility.


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For us, "making it happen" means we get you where you want to go with digitalization. PAWLIK’s expertise helps bring your business model and portfolio of services to the digital world and ensures high-performance digital processes.

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