There are plenty of product ideas out there, but which ones hold real promise?  We put the user at the center of new digital solutions, and we help ensure profitability as you digitalize your products and services.

Why you need
digital products

Consumers expect digital products and services that serve a specific need – quickly, easily and on demand. It’s therefore important to develop consumer-centered offerings that are intuitive design and use.  
By focusing on your customers and your value-added needs, we help you transfer your existing products and offerings to digital sales channels and develop new products and services for digital and efficient use.

Leverage potential

The potential of digital products is as vast as it is diverse. New customer groups and markets can be developed more easily, and both acquisition costs and support expenses can be reduced. It’s also increasingly the case that your target groups already expect a digital presence.

Increase customer acceptance

Your satisfaction depends on being able to offer products and solutions that your customers need. That’s why we focus on value-added development strategies.

Shorten development times

The rapid rate of change in the business world makes shortened time-to-market cycles critical to success. We rely on agile approaches to swiftly bring customer-centric and cost-efficient solutions to market.


We help you bring relevant products to market. We start with user needs and challenges, not what’s technologically possible. We always design products with future needs in mind.

Our goal: Designing products that are...
...valuable to your customers and users,
...technologically feasible for you
...and economically worthwhile.


New digital product development

We’re there for you from the start – from idea generation to evaluation and assessment, to implementation and the successful market launch of your new digital products and services. We can also put your current portfolio of services to the test, helping you develop it to meet the demands of the market for digital use.

Digitalization of existing products

Products that work well in an analogue context don’t have to be re-invented. However, in order to keep up with customer demands, it’s often necessary to shift to a digital context or enrich your offerings with digital services. We’re here to help – by your side at each step until market entry.

Experience, know-how and efficiency

Stefan Roßbach

Stefan Roßbach is a PAWLIK Digital AG co-founder and Executive Board member. His area of expertise lies in implementing digital strategies and business models, digital products and agile transformation projects. He’s a firm believer in ensuring transformation success by beginning with customer-centered strategies.


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As experienced practitioners of management and implementation consulting, our professionally trained consultants draw on their extensive applied knowledge of digital transformation in helping clients with new business models, products and processes.


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For us, "making it happen" means we get you where you want to go with digitalization. PAWLIK’s expertise helps bring your business model and portfolio of services to the digital world and ensures high-performance digital processes.

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