Executive Search for the Life Sciences and Health Care Industries

 Karsten Matthes, Werner Gmelin, Wolfgang Müller und Peter Hoyer

The Health Care Industry as a Job Engine for the Entire German Economy

The health care industry is one of the world's most important industrial sectors and is therefore enormously significant for Europe and Germany.  
The medical technology, health care, life sciences and pharmaceutical branches generate more than 12.1% of the GDP (Germany, 2021, source: German Federal Ministry of Health).  
All four segments are growing strongly due to demographic changes as well as increasing life expectancy in industrialized countries.
This enormous medical challenge is playing a significant role in society, as demonstrated most recently by the pandemic. The research and science industries as well as companies have been bringing constantly evolving solutions to the market for years. The industry is not very dependent on economic trends and is also a job engine for the entire German economy.

Long-Standing Experience and a Strong Network

With their experience and professional expertise, our consultants at PAWLIK Recruiters GmbH are deeply rooted in the industry. What they all have in common are their professional resumes before becoming personnel consultants, working for example in well-known medical technology or pharmaceutical companies.
The challenges the industry faces are manifold. For example the perpetual, technological progress brought on by digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics, or the inexorable trend towards personalized medicine in regard to drugs. This all requires precisely targeted diagnostics and data. In addition, the industry is increasingly burdened by the shortage of skilled workers: finding, attracting and retaining employees is becoming increasingly difficult. This can be a real deal-breaker for secure and constant growth in companies.

Leaders as Well as Specialists for Your Corporate Culture

In the 25 years of our being on the market we have built up a strong network, nationally as well as internationally. Cross-industry recruiting also plays an essential role for us here - in the spirit of "searching creatively to find experts!" In addition, we use digital methods in active sourcing and place great importance on an appropriately speedy application process and building a rapport with our candidates. We round off the process by using assessment centers, for example, to uncover what motivates our candidates, and use our scientifically based potential analysis as a safeguard for personnel selection decisions. We can thus not only find the right candidate for you, but can also determine their cultural fit in your company!

Our Experts for Executive Search in the Life Sciences & Health Care Branches

Karsten Matthes

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