Project Reference: Prototype Design - Branch of the Future


Customer: Cooperative Bank



  • Bank identified changing customer requirements for branches More modern, future-proof branch design should reflect progress in digitalization, among other aspects
  • The bank's own brand and corporate culture were to remain tangible and perceptible
  • Full-service offering on site was to be ensured (branch consolidation or mergers with other banks were ruled out)
  • Project assignment included the development of a virtual/digital prototype of the next branch generation



In the first phase of the project, structured interviews were used to generate in-depth customer insights. Based on this, a comprehensive, shared vision of the future branch was developed within a dedicated series of workshops and visualized with initial prototypes. In the second project phase, these were tested, optimized and finalized in an iterative process with 50 potential customers and employees.

  1. Generating qualitative customer insights through structured customer interviews
  2. Series of workshops to develop shared vision of the store & initial prototypes.
  3. Iterative testing & adaptation of prototypes with 50 employees & customers
  4. Finalization of the prototypes and transfer to an existing pilot store


Precise modular design set-up of the customer-centric "branch of the future" based on validated requirements coming from customers and employees alike


(Kopie 18)

Resilient digital prototypes of the store of the future

Cross-divisional, shared understanding of the targeted (store) vision

Valid insights into customer and employee requirements

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