Project Reference: Service Design - agile App Development


Customer: Cooperative Bank




  • Construction financing business was characterized by several media disruptions and lack of transparency for end customers
  • Phase from loan approval to loan provision was very time-consuming and customer-unfriendly due to many individual interactions between service consultant & customer
  • Digital solution (app) as B2C channel for better customer experience independent of branch opening hours was to be developed




In order to make the service design process customer-centric, functional requirements of end customers, customer advisors and clerks were collected and transferred into personas and customer journeys. The ideation phase was followed by the validation of promising ideas using prototypes. App development using the MVP approach enabled rapid project results and a fast go-live.

  1. Development & creation of personas & customer journeys
  2. Intensive ideation phase using various creative methods
  3. Developing & testing prototype and transfer to MVP concept
  4. Hybrid-agile app development cross-functional across all relevant business units



New digital service in the form of an app for closing construction financing with direct customer service (chat function in the service area of the app)


(Kopie 23)

New sales channel & customer touchpoint for more convenience & transparency

From idea to go-live in 18 weeks

High level of employee acceptance thanks to internal marketing concept & embedding branch approach

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