Project Refrence: Establishment of an innovation unit


Customer: Home Loan & Savings Bank




  • Customers were no longer reached via traditional communication channels
  • Digital strategy & roadmap was to be revised and adapted to requirements
  • To ensure future viability a new, innovative area was to be established within the company




To establish an innovation area within the Home Loan & Savings Bank, in-depth market and competition analyses were first carried out. Based on this, a digital strategy was developed and translated into a roadmap. The organizational set-up of the new unit was structured, and employees and managers were trained in innovation mindset and methods. Implementation was accompanied by precise project work.

  1. Preparation of comprehensive market and competitor analyses (benchmarking)
  2. Development of digital strategy & roadmap to achieve strategic goals
  3. Establishment of new innovation unit, organizational structures, boards & committees
  4. Role & task definition of all division employees & support of division management



Building the power of innovation within the organization


(Kopie 32)

Newly established, positioned business area within the building society

Agile team with state-of-the art working methods and decision-making structures (New Work)

Successful integration of the innovation area into established organizational structure


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